Zimeray & Finelle combines expertise in complex legal challenges with international diplomacy, offering clients unique, tailor-made legal services.

François Zimeray and Jessica Finelle initially worked together 15 years ago on a peace-building initiative in the Middle East. Since then, their international work as lawyer, diplomat, or MEP has over-lapped in a range of contexts – from post-genocide Cambodia to central Africa. In 2018, François Zimeray and Jessica Finelle joined forces to create a unique law firm, specialising in international human rights (including corporate compliance), transnational crime, and conflict resolution.

Combining François Zimeray’s experience as a commercial lawyer, politician and diplomat (including as France’s Ambassador for Human Rights), with Jessica Finelle’s expertise in French and international criminal law, Zimeray & Finelle’s clients include individuals, organisations, corporations, and governments.

Headquartered in Paris, Zimeray & Finelle have a presence in London (where Zimeray is an associate tenant at Doughty Street Chambers) as well as Geneva.